“Fun and affordable tuition for piano & keyboard”


How much does it cost?
The cost for
private tuition is £18/hour, £13.50/45mins or £10.50/30mins. The cost for the class is £13.50/hour.
How big are the classes?
I aim to have between two and three students in each class.
How frequent are the classes?
Most classes would be run once a week.
How long do the classes run for?
Students can stay with a class for as long as needed.
Should I join a class or have private tuition?
Classes are the cheaper option but of course my time is divided between students. Classes are also a way of sharing experiences with students of similar ability and this usually helps to create an atmosphere of encouragement and support.
Private tuition, although more expensive, is better if you cannot commit to a regular day and time for a class.
What classes are available?
Please contact me for latest information.
Which class should I join?
I can try to assess you during a phone conversation, otherwise, you could book a private session during which I can make a more accurate assessment.
Should I start playing on a piano or keyboard?

The choice is up to you and really depends on your aspirations. I find keyboards to be more practical and flexible than a piano in many ways, and that is why I continue to use them for teaching. My keyboards have full size touch sensitive keys and for the student wishing to play piano pieces, they are suitable for beginner/intermediate lessons. If progressing to an advanced level, the student can transition to piano with relative ease. If you are still unsure, then I can help you decide.

When do I pay?

For private tuition, I would accept payment during the session. For classes, I aim to take payment for 4 lessons at a time, but I am quite flexible.
How do I pay?
By cash or cheque made payable to Mrs S. Ede.